Spearfish Canyon

So when we bought the pass to get into Custer State Park it also allowed us to go to many other state parks in the area so we decided to go to Spearfish Canyon. I had heard it was the most beautiful drive in the Black Hills so I was really excited to check it out.  The Spearfish Canyon Highway is a 22 mile scenic drive through the forest that is the State Park. The photo above is of Bridal Veils which was on the side of the road on our drive. Of course I stopped to get some photos of it!! Here are some other pictures of the drive before we got to our hike.

We only did one hike in Spearfish as it was a 7 mile hike called Savory-Waterfall Hike. This trail is rated as moderate and is an out and back trail. It was still a pretty hot day out but the hike was absolutely beautiful and it went right through a nature center. So many big mountains to see and there was a river that was streaming over rocks the whole trail!! At the end of the trail were some waterfalls for us to see!!! There were more waterfalls then I could count over the rocks but one big waterfall in the distant. You could walk a trail up to the bigger waterfall and get pictures looking down on it.  After going to the top we turned around to do the trail back but it was so worth the trek up to the falls.

The trail didn’t seem to hard to me to be moderate; there were a couple of steep parts but other then that it was a nice dirt path the entire time. I did find out that there are a couple of different options for the trail if you don’t want a 7 mile hike. There was one spot in the middle that would be around a 2 mile hike or you can also park right by the falls and just see them. I found that out after hiking the distance!! LOL

One thought on “Spearfish Canyon

  1. Nice post. Much more descriptive. Loved all the pictures. It adds so much to the story. One suggestion i would have is to try snd insert ghe pictures at the point in the story where the scene is mentioned. describe what we are looking at.

    You’re doing great! Nice use of the categories and tags. You aleo could have 8included waterfalls!


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