Up to Milwaukee We Go

We started off our morning in Racine, WI and started with a walk right by Lake Michigan on this beautiful paved path. When we first got to the trail all of this fog rolled in and it was quite breezy. That meant we stayed put for a little bit while the fog wore off and that did not take very long at all. It was quite a brisk morning so instead of shorts and a tank top I am now wearing pants and a long sleeve pullover but Bear loves this kind of weather. The walk along Lake Michigan was gorgeous and I just looked at the greatness of the lake. All you see is water as far as the eye can see and you look down at the lake by the path and you could see all of the rocks that were underneath. I also enjoyed all of the rocks that are right by the lake and Bear and I climbed them a little while on our venture in Racine. At the end of this path was a walkway where you could climb to the top and just bask in the glory that God has created for us to see!

After that nice little walk we took a drive up highway 32 to Bender Park. It is a nice little park with a beach to swim on and a building where you can rent things like kayaks and jet skis. With the temperature being less then 60 degrees I was surprised to see people out swimming although it was very short lived. Bear and I chose to walk the Forked Aster Hiking trail while at the park. This trail is  rated as a easy trail and is 1.6 miles in length. It is a mixture of gravel, grass, and dirt and you could even walk along the rocks if you wanted. It was a nice little path that led you to a top of a hill in which you overlooked Lake Michigan and then you went down and trotted along the rocks. At the end of the trail I walked along the rocks by the beach area and got some more pictures. Overall a very pretty place to stop and enjoy mother nature!!

Our last hike of the day took us to a golf course as the trail begin at one. This trail was called Oak Leaf Trail Loop and was rated as a moderate loop trail that was 3 miles long. I really liked this trail as it offered some great views and you had a choice of either doing the paved trail that was used by bicyclist or the dirt trail which was right along the lake. The dirt trail had places that were a strait drop off which made it better to be along the paved trail where Bear wouldn’t drag me off of a ledge. It was a forest setting right by the lake and gave some phenomenal views. We did manage to get down on the dirt path for a little bit and the pictures and views were great…just don’t look down!! LOL I don’t see why if you stay on the paved trail that this is rated as moderate as it was pretty easy. If taking the dirt trails I’m sure that navigating the cliffs could be difficult at times which is why they might have rated it that way!

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