Made it to The Upper Peninsula

We started our morning by walking by a river in Downtown Green Bay. Green Bay really surprised me as it really did not feel like a big city at all. People were very friendly saying good morning and there really weren’t all of the skyscrapers that you see when approaching other big cities. The river path that we walked that morning was really nice! It had a part that was a boardwalk and then a nice paved path to walk on. We sat there for a little bit and watched as a draw bridge went up and a huge boat came through.

We then made our way up highway 41 to a trail that I had picked out called Marinette Breakwater but when we got there we saw it was flooded at the beginning so we decided to go to a different place. This led me to park at a boating dock in Marinette and we walked from Wisconsin into Michigan where we walked around Menominee. There was a really nice coast that we sat down and just listened to the waves crashing for a little bit. We then walked to the old historic downtown and on the concrete walk that led you in the middle of the water. It was a really pretty little town that seemed like it had a lot of history to it. Really nice community as people were always saying Good Morning whenever they saw us. Really disappointed in all the flooding but we are making the most of what we have been given.

Let me tell you the second hike I chose today did not impress me at all!!! It was supposed to be a nice 1.9 mile stroll along a river and Lake Michigan called Cedar River Trail. When I first got there I saw a couple come out and watched them basically strip and was like that can’t be good. I saw a few other groups go in and come out and just get in their car so I decided to go look. Started on the trail and it was gravel and grass with a bunch of overgrown areas. It was surrounded by big pine trees and after a few minutes I decided to turn around. Needless to say I got out and even though I doused with Off I counted 10 ticks on my pants and leg. There were also 4 on Bear. I stripped when I got to my van checking for more in me and Bear but didn’t see any. Hopefully I’m able to sleep tonight and don’t feel like Reese with the caterpillar. Lol

We ended our evening with a stroll along Lake Michigan in Escanaba, MI. Overall a very nice stroll and I ran into some very nice people. It is still flooded here too though so hopefully tomorrow we have better luck as we explore the upper peninsula!!

2 thoughts on “Made it to The Upper Peninsula

  1. Sound s like you had a pretty nice day aside from the ticks. ‘Tis the season! I love the pictures you get with Bear. Must be a timed tripod shot tour use. They typically come out real well. Keep writing and visiting other hiking sites. You’re doing great!


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